Safe and Healthy learning environment for all children

Age-appropriate daily activities such as group time, learning centers, free play, outside play, music, arts and crafts, etc. This will help in your child's gross and fine motor skills in addition to their social, emotional and intellectual development.

Candyland Curriculum

Routines and consistency are important to a child’s development. Children are able to develop trust and independence that prepare them for activities and transitions that occur throughout the day. Routines and consistency provide a calm learning environment while promoting positive interactions. The general flow of the day supports children so they know what is coming next while allowing for flexibility and following a child’s interest. A surprise once in awhile is exciting and fun too! Of course, South Dakota weather is a factor that influences the choices made for the day.


Curriculum is guided by South Dakota Early Learning Guidelines, other early education resources, and the interests and curiosities of the children.

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