Age 3 to Kindergarten

In our 3s and 4s classes, children continue to grow intellectually, physically, and emotionally as they cultivate self-care and social habits. Teachers work closely with the students and institute both team building techniques and private instruction using effective hands-on materials.

At this stage, our daily routine becomes a little more structured to start introducing our preschool aged children concepts that they will be required to know in Kindergarten.

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Meals and Snack

Candyland will offer breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon and evening snack each day. The menu will include healthy food choices that are approved by SD Department of Health. If your child has a food allergy, please provide us with an allergy form from their pediatrician. Menus will be rotated every two to three weeks and will be posted at the parent info center and on our website. Per SD Department of Health Regulations, outside food for children may not be brought into center, except in cases of extreme allergies. Outside food is only allowed for birthday celebrations or other school parties. We will only accept store bought food.

What to Bring

Preschoolers should have at least one change of clothing. Everything should be clearly labeled with the child’s full name. We recommend comfortable and washable clothing and shoes that can be managed by the child. Most of our art supplies are washable but sometimes they do not come all the way out of clothing. We will do our best to protect your child’s clothing but there may be times when clothing may get stained. Please do not send your child in clothing that you do not mind getting dirty.

Activities & Learning

At Candyland Daycare, our preschool curriculum teaches critical lessons and sets the foundation for children to embark on their upcoming path through elementary school. Games, playtime, and activities will cover various materials in math, literacy, science, creative arts, and the alphabet (recognition & sounds).

In addition to the daily work in the classroom, students will also enjoy social time during lunch, free play, outside time, group projects, and exclusive school-related events. The program ensures the day is full of activities to stimulate the children and instill an organized, structured routine. This leads to students’ ability to follow a routine, anticipate events, and manage expectations.

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