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We are so excited we just purchased a ZONO Sanitizing System.

ZONO Sanitizing

Parents, please check your child's cubbies to make sure that they have the necessary winter gear for when we venture outside.

"Smarties" & "Lollipops"

The New Year is upon us and we will be learning about letters & numbers and writing our names & numbers. In math we will learn big and little as well as more & less.
We will be focusing on our emotions and how to understand them.
This month I will be using the safe place more and redirecting the children to the safe place when needed.


January brings cold weather and snow!
This month we will be learning all about winter, cold, and snow.
I have lots of fun winter crafts and activities planned.

"Gummy Bears"

This month we will be learning about winter & weather. We will be doing lots of fun (yet messy) arts and crafts. Our colors will be nature based. Green, Brown, Blue & White.

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