Tuition/Registration Fees

Our childcare center operates primarily on tuition fees from each child. Therefore, it is essential that your fees be paid on time. Candyland Child Development Center provides the convenience of Tuition Express automatic billing system. You should receive your Tuition Express invoice for registration fees. But, you must first register in our system using Procare (click the link below):

Registration Form
Infants-3 Years $190/week
3 Years-School Aged $180/week
Before and After School $95/week
Drop-In $40 per day
School breaks drop-in Up to 2 days, if more than 2 days the full-time rate will be charged
Summer program (B&A school) $185/week

Candyland Child Development Center will offer a $5/week military discount for full time only. All payments can be made bi-weekly or monthly. All fees must be paid in full on the Friday before the following weeks care. If fees are not paid in full or on time, parents must pay a $20/day late fee. After 5 days of late payments your care can be suspended until fees are paid in full. If there is an NSF payment from the bank the parent must pay a $30 handling fee. Refunds or credits will not be given when a child is sick or absent, during center holidays or inclement weather. Failure to honor the arrangements will result in having your accounts turned over to a collection agency or small claims court. Parents are responsible for paying all costs of the collection.

Candyland Child Development Center reserves the right to increase any and all fees at any time with at least 30 days’ notice.

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