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In the event of an emergency such as fire, tornado, natural disasters, or other emergencies the following is provided to you as a guideline. There will be four fire drills and two tornado drills practiced yearly. Emergency evacuation plans are posted at each exit. In the event of an emergency Candyland Child Development Center will first try to reach the parent, if not possible Candyland Child Development Center will contact the child’s emergency contact(s) listed in the contract.


The purpose of a lock-down is to keep the children and safe from potential violent situations such as an intruder, hostage situation, trespassing, non-custodial parent, and a person under the influence. Children will not be released until law enforcement deems as safe. Candyland Child Development Center staff will remain with the children until they are released to a parent/guardian, or other designated person per contract.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather Candyland Child Development Center will make every attempt to stay open. However, sometimes it is just not safe for the staff, parents, and children to travel in such dangerous weather. The Director will determine whether to open or close based on the weather conditions. In case of an early closure we will make every effort to allow for adequate time for you to pick up your children. Our closing information will be posted on the center’s website and myprocare.com. Normal tuition will still be due.